Cheap Price Self-adhesive Polymer Bitumen Waterproof Roofing Membrane

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Quick Details Type: Waterproof Membrane Place of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland) Model Number: SBS Color: Black Thickness: 0.8mm-4.5mm ...

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  • Type: Waterproof Membrane
  • Place of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland)
  • Model Number: SBS
  • Color: Black
  • Thickness: 0.8mm-4.5mm
  • Length: 10m
  • Width: 1m
  • Application: roof,subway,basement,wall,pool,etc
  • Surface material: PE film, Aluminum foil,Sand, Schist flake,etc
  • Impermeability: 0.2MPa 120mins
  • Low temperature flexibility: -30°C ,-20°C
  • High temperature flexibility: 70°C
  • Storage period: One year

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Packaging Details wooden case or pallet / PS: We have independent rights for import and export.
Delivery Time 10 days after received 30% deposit

Cheap Price Self-adhesive Polymer Bitumen Waterproof Roofing Membrane
Polyester Self-adhesive Modified Bituminous Waterproofing Membrane consists of bitumen as its main component, SBS, SBR and tackifying resin as its modifier and polyester as its reinforcement. Its upper surface is covered with polyethylene(PE) film, sand or strippable silicon film and its under surface is covered with split released film.
Product Features
1. Tackifying resin provides the membrane with strong adhesive strength which could make membranes stick to the base surface tightly.
2. The membrane has good puncture resistant, tear resistant and abrasive resistant property with the polyester as its reinforcement.
3. The membranes can be self healing for tiny cracks caused by environment.
4. Long-time stickiness assures no fall-off or any leakage between the membrane and the base surface.
5. The membrane has high tensile strength and good elongation property, it can maintain its shape even in the case of cracks and deformation on the base surface.
6. No dripping at high temperature and no cracks at low temperature.
7. Excellent chemical resistance, corrosion resistance and weathering resistance.

Technical Parameters


Construction procedure and attention:
1)Basic cleaning
Clean up debris, level off if there are sharp bump, it may construct without water , moisture is allow.?
2)Pave the waterproofing sheet membrane
spread over the waterproof sheet membrane with the particles facing on the basement,When paving the adjacent sheet membrane. pay attention to overlap the edge alignment to keep the overlap without any gap.
3)overlap joint waterproof sheet membrane
      (1) overlap waterproof sheet membrane:Tear off the Isolation membrane of the Double-side self-adhesive of polymer down surface,Remove tape rolling again after isolation film on the surface,And connected to the coil will take to paste on the tape, strong crush of binding, when necessary to tape appropriate heating, paste the effect is more ideal.more adept to dry conditions shall apply.
     (2) overlap joint waterproofing sheet membrane: Shovel glue stick tape after lap, this approach is applicable to the waterproof layer may be rain water.
    (3) Butt joint waterproof sheet membrane :D ocking coil binding material adopt DNM coil,Coil cut into strip and place the glue face up, trea off the surface after isolation membrane, paste the upper butt of the coil, and strong crush of binding. the approach is suitable for the waterproof layer may be rain water, can avoid so release.
4)Seal the deal:?DNM roll angle of yin and Yang and the node does not need additional layer construction, but large coil shop paste is completed after node to deal with the details of the structure is complete and the tightness of the check processing, aiming at the pile head on the floor of the basement, bolt, drains and other details, should adopt consolidates with adhesive tape, then brush waterproof coating to seal the deal.
5)organization acceptance
6)Subsequent construction: to complete the construction of waterproof layer, can be reinforced concrete binding.d isolation layer—–After membrane laying, construct protection and isolation layer according to waterproof layer design.



1. Balcony, bathroom, kitchen
2. Tunnels, Industrial roofs
3. Flat and sloped roofs
4. Basements, Foundation and retaining walls
5. Gardens, Bridges



Place the membrane vertically.
Packed with strong wood pallet and covered by shrink film in case of slant
Keep away from fire during storage and transportation.
Membranes should be stored under dry and ventilated conditions in order to keep away from sunlight and raining.



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